Case 4

Case 4

The 65 year old male patient, medically fit, requested restoration of the upper jaw. The patient reported that he had undergone operation for placement of five 2-stage implants in the area of 14, 15, 11, 25 and 26. One month after the operation, the implants in the area of 14 and 15 had to be removed due to severe inflammation and pain. The dentist had told the patient that there was no more pace for more implants.

The patient attended our clinic a few months later, requesting treatment with the Strategic Implant®. The situation was resolved within three days. The 2-stage implants were clinically inspected and showed no signs of inflammation, therefore it was decided to leave them in the bone in order to reduce post-surgical trauma.

Fig. 1: The current OPG represents the situation before treatment of the upper jaw with 2-stage implants. In the lower jaw, the patient had a bridge on three 2-stage implants placed eight years earlier.

Fig. 2: Three 2-stage implants were left dormant while the upper jaw was restored with ten Strategic Implant®. Note that the middle implant (2-stage) in the lower jaw shows signs of a progressive periimplantitis with bone loss of more than 50% of the implant length. This 2-stage implant is the next candidate for removal.

This patient case was successfully restored by the team of
Dr. Alexander Lazarov, Sofia, Bulgaria
IF Clinical Master of Immediate Loading
IF Teacher for Strategic Implantology