Case 6

Case 6

A 52 year old male patient, smoker and without a history of diseases, had lost several 2-stage-implants in the upper jaw. Only three implants had remained and all three were affected by periimplantitis.

In the lower jaw, the teeth were stable but affected by advanced periodontitis all around and severe granulation infection all along the curvature of the mandible.

Fig. 1: Overview over the maxilla after all but three implants had been lost.

Fig. 2: After surgical revision of the upper jaw.

Fig. 2: One month after revision of the upper jaw, the lower jaw was also treated. All failing implants and the teeth were removed and the therapy with the Strategic Implant® was done immediately.

Fig. 2: Three months after the treatment of the lower jaw, we can observe a nice consolidation of the bone.

This case was solved by:
Dr. Massarwa Essam, Kfar Saba, IX Israel
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