Case 2

Case 2

This radiograph shows two well integrated 2-stage implants in the upper front, and three implants in the upper distal segment. The bone around all these three implants has been attacked and destroyed by a severe periimplantitis (Fig. 1). A strong, chronic inflammation has occured. The patient was not offered any solution by the conventional implantologist. Therefore, the patient decided to live with this inflammation lest she fully lose the ability to chew on that side. She preferred to live with chronic infection, perpetual discharge, foul smell and large amounts of food caught in the implants just to keep what ability she had to eat.

Fig. 1: After consulting with an implantologist trained in the Technology of the Strategic Implant®, she was finally offered a solution for her problem.

In one single intervention, her ailing implants in the upper jaw were removed and four fully polished Strategic Implant® were placed into the basal bone areas (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3). Immediately after the intervention, the impression was taken. During the next day, the metal frame was tried and on the following day, the patient received fixed teeth without any inflammation.

Fig. 2:

Fig. 3: During the next day, the metal frame (Fig. 4) was tried in and on the following day, the patient received back fixed teeth, a cemented metal-to-ceramic bridge, but without any inflamation (Fig.5). The inflamation immediately stopped after the 2-stage-implants had been removed.

Fig. 4

Fig. 5


Even in a very severe case of periimplantitis, a well trained strategic implantologist was easily able to provide help and a final solution within 3 days.

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