Case 1

A 56 year old male patient, non-smoker, with controlled diabetes, presented profound peri-implantitis on 9 out of 10 2 stage implants. One implant had already been partly removed due to the disease. (Pic. 1) After removing the bar in the lower jaw a severe granulation infection all along the curvature of the mandible became fully visible. (Pic. 2)

All implants except the fragment in the lower jaw were removed. In the upper jaw they were immediately replaced by the Strategic Implant. 36 was removed due to mobility. 47 was stable. In non infected sites in the lower jaw 5 Strategic Implants were placed in three strategic positions to allow the settlement of a fixed temporary bridge. 47 was included into this bridge. The plan is to replace this bridge and add more implants after 3-9 months.

Reported from: OSA Simpladent, Montenegro,

peri-implantitis case1 pic1

Pic. 1

peri-implantitis case1 pic2

Pic. 2

peri-implantitis case1 pic3

Pic. 3

peri-implantitis case1 pic4

Pic. 4

peri-implantitis case1 pic5

Pic. 5:Within 2 days the case was restored mith metal-acryl bridges.