Female patient, 75 years old, generally healthy, non smoker.
Seven years before the patient had received an implant reconstruction in the mandible with ten conventional 2-stage implants (Fig.1).

Four implants in left mandibular area were lost during first year after surgery. Presented picture is a result after 7 years after implantation. French surgeons recommended bone transplantation for augmentation of the mandible and delayed implantation but patient didn’t want any additional procedures. Our proposal was removal of all 2-stage implants, bone curettage with simultaneous insertion of 6 KOS® implants and immediate loading.

Fig.1: Initial OPG (7 years after implantation)

Fig.2: Intraoral view. Obvious signs of peri-implantitis

Fig.3: Itraoral view. Placement of 6 KOS implants

Fig.4: Intraoral view. Coverage of the bone wounds and implants with APRF membranes.

Fig.5: Control OPG immediately after surgery. Bicortical fixation of some KOS implants. Simultaneous treatment of the upper jaw, also with KOS and TPG implants.

Fig.6: State of the gums 8 days post-op.

Fig.7: Long-term provisional metal-acrylic bridgework ready for fixation.

Fig.8: Fixation of the metal-acrylic bridgework on the implants.

Fig.9: Control CT 3 months after surgery.

Fig.10: 3D Imaging of implants and fixated prosthetic device.

This case was rescued by:
MD, PhD, Prof. Yan Vares
Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine